Sadly, Israel’s history of 66 years is riddled with acts of war and terror. Now, again, her citizens are being terrorized by the raining of thousands of rockets launched by Hamas terrorists in Gaza. This time it is not just the citizens in the south, but the entire country is being threatened by long range rockets landing in Tel Aviv and even near Haifa. At the same time, the north of the country is being terrorized by rockets flying in from Lebanon. The IDF is fighting the war on terrorism.

Unfortunately, the death toll is rising. Soldiers are being killed in Gaza. Families are grieving for their lost loved ones. Every soldier is a member of a family. He is a son, a husband, a father, a grandson, a brother. A hole in the heart is opened, never to be sealed again. Life is never the same. This is where the Navah organization steps in.

As the bereaved families are burying their dead, there are also several hundred soldiers lying in Israeli hospitals injured. A soldier described as moderately injured will have lost a limb or an eye. A severely injured soldier is now a paraplegic or quadriplegic. All their lives are changed forever. Their dreams and hopes have been shattered. They will need physical and psychological therapies. They will need all the emotional support that can be gathered for them.

NAVAH is there for all of them, the grieving and the injured. Working with victims of terror for more than a decade, Navah has the experience, the compassion and the professionalism to sincerely provide these families what they need and deserve.

NAVAH forms a familial bond with the victims of terror by visiting them and establishing a connection that lasts – not just a one time visit, but a true family relationship.

Navah provides social activities, programs, workshops and retreats that unite the survivors to each other enabling them to share and turn to each other for support and comfort.

Each of these fallen soldiers is also part of your family. You are feeling the pain intensely. You read the papers. You follow the news. You are worried. You want to reach out.


YOU CAN HELP! You may not be able to visit a victim of terror personally and give a hug; however, you can enable Navah to continue its important and crucial work by giving generously. Your financial help is a hug of a different kind, but still reinforcement to the families.